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Four Surprisingly Addictive Pieces of Coffee Brewing Equipment by Greg

When I first started drinking coffee at home, I did what most people in the USA do.  I went to the store, bought a basic automatic drip coffee machine, and started making drip coffee.  That little piece of coffee brewing equipment was all I used for years.  Particularly because I eventually received a coffee grinder as a gift, I actually made some pretty fantastic coffee with it.  However, due to a 6-month work assignment overseas, I found myself without that trusty coffee machine for quite some time. 

Moka Pot
7 Reasons To Dump Your Espresso Machine For A Moka Pot by Greg

If you’re anything like me, there’s a good chance that you might be an espresso addict.  You may have even pulled out all the stops to learn how to pull the best espresso shot that you can.  Maybe you bought the most expensive espresso machine out there or have tried just about every type of espresso maker known to man.  You may even be fully satisfied with your home barista skills, or told your friends, “That hipster at the coffee shop near me sure makes a mean latte!”

Hawaiian Coffee
Want To Taste Paradise? Kona Coffee May Be For You! by Greg

Have you experienced the waterfalls of the Road to Hana in Maui?  Or perhaps the wonders of the “Big Island” of Kona?  If you haven’t, then get your butt there.  Everything about the fiftieth state screams paradise, including its amazing Hawaiian coffee.  In particular, the island of Kona sports the crème de la crème of coffee.  Thankfully for those of us who can’t wake up to beaches and rainforests every day, Kona coffee beans can be found on the mainland as well.

Coffee Doodle Doo, World. by Greg

There is something about the early morning that relaxes the soul.  It’s hard not to smile at the thought of stepping onto your patio with a cool gentle breeze contrasting the steam from your hot cup of coffee while the rooster crows to signal the start of a new day.  Even the non-coffee drinker looks forward to the smell of ground coffee beans brewing in the kitchen.

Whether you swear by your drip coffee, drink nothing but French press, or are an espresso aficionado,  join us as we celebrate the best coffee on both sides of the Mississippi.  We ...

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