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The Coffee Rooster strives to be your #1 resource for information pertaining to coffee brands, coffee brewing equipment, coffee brew tools, and basically everything caffeine related.  

Check out our Ultimate Coffee Directory for a list of just about every coffee brand and beans available, or browse our how-to articles to learn how to brew the best coffee.

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Coffee Brands

There are so many coffee roasters and coffee brands out there these days that they are almost impossible to keep track of.  The Coffee Rooster's number one purpose is to consolidate information on coffee brands into one easy to browse site.  The Ultimate Coffee Directory gathers information about various types of coffee brands and coffee beans into one simple resource to help you find the best coffee beans near you.  Even better, if you have asked, "What are the best coffee beans near me?" or "Where are the best coffee shops near me?" to no avail, many of the coffee brands in our directory are available for purchase online!  Simply check out each product page for a list of online stores that we know sell that coffee.  Happy hunting!

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Lion Coffee

Coffee Beans

First, let’s address a myth.  Making great coffee isn’t necessarily about knowing the best coffee brands or finding the perfect coffee bean off the bat.  Sure, the best coffee beans can help you dial in on an amazing experience, but for the novice coffee drinker, it is more about knowing the difference between general coffee roasting levels and and coffee bean types.

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Coffee Brewing Equipment and Coffee Brew Tools

Of course, coffee beans aren't going to do much for you if you don't have anything to brew them in or don't know how to use the coffee brewing equipment.  We also provide coffee brewing equipment information, how-to guides on the best coffee brew tools, and general tips on brewing the best cup of coffee.

Coffee Brewing Equipment and Coffee Brew Tools


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